Not-for-Profit and Quasi-Governmental Entities

Our deep understanding of the complexities of local government, along with our abiding respect for the public sector, combine to make an unbeatable winning formula for our not-for-profit and quasi-governmental clients.  Our clients do not waste time having to explain what they do or how they do it to us.  We just get it, and contribute innovative strategies and counseling.    We provide a comprehensive scope of legal services which are focused upon enabling not-for-profit and quasi-governmental entities to accomplish their missions of providing needed services and facilities to their constituencies in accordance with applicable law.  Whether you require legal representation in the boardroom, at city or county hall, in the courthouse, or in the administrative agency or intergovernmental arena, we deliver a diverse array of legal services of both a general and specialized nature.

We have extensive experience in drafting effective and enforceable by-laws, operating rules, board actions and consent documents and helping entities and agencies comply with the many special regulations, contractual requirements and grant conditions that are applicable to them.  Many not-for-profits and quasi-governmental agencies are also subject to many of the same laws that govern governmental entities, including open meetings (i.e. Sunshine) laws and public records act requirements.  We have unqualified experience representing cities and government agencies, and we have literally made the law in the area of public records and open meeting laws in Florida.  Thus, we have an extraordinarily broad base of knowledge from which to advise our clients on these requirements.  

Our attorneys  have previously served in city and county law departments, as well as being litigators and practitioners with extensive experience in open meetings and public records law, labor and employment, community redevelopment, affordable housing, communications law and other vital and emerging areas of law relevant to not-for-profits and quasi-governmental agencies.

We pride ourselves on responding expeditiously and effectively to each request for legal assistance from every client.  Once a request for a legal opinion or other legal product is received by us, it is promptly reviewed and assigned to the person with relevant expertise who is most capable of completing the item in a thorough and cost-effective manner.

We know that it is essential to keep up-to-date with changing legislative and judicial conditions.  We monitor judicial decisions, provide in-house training and participate in continued legal education.  We are also frequently requested to publish articles and to make presentations on legal matters affecting public sector and not-for-profit entities by The Florida Bar, local bar associations, the Florida League of Cities and other important service organizations.